Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Day -- Dear Mothers!

Greetings Kind Reader.  So nice of you to have dropped by today (or tonight if that's when you happen to be here!)  As you know, I do love having visitors!

Especially, on a lovely day like today because it's Mother's Day.  Well, at least it is here where I happen to live but perhaps on your little slice of the globe Mother's Day is weeks or even months away - but I suppose it doesn't really matter, does it?  After all, we really ought to cherish our mothers every single day of the year.  Mother's Day means so many different things to different people.

For some, it's a time of awe and wonderment because it's their first time they get to celebrate it.  And when I say, 'first time' I'm speaking of all those first time moms...the ones who were lucky enough to go through 9 months of pregnancy and delivered healthy boys and girls with all their fingers and toes.  I speak also of those mothers who, for one reason or another weren't so lucky as to have 9 months to prepare because for one reason or another, their little bundles of love and joy came early -- some of them having arrived so early that for this Mother's Day...the only touch of their mother that they'll feel will come through sterile 'touch gloves' as they rest, and grow stronger each day so that one day they're mothers (and father's too!) will finally get to caress and nuzzle their babies the way they've dreamed of for months.

There are also the first time mothers who could not carry their own children and yet have been blessed with a child through the miracle of adoption.  Perhaps these first time mothers don't have little infants to cuddle and burp and change.  But that's alright.  Because the love that comes from a child a who may be a little older than a toddler is love - nonetheless.  And I have to think that sometimes, those children - the older ones who've waited and waited so long for loving arms to caress them and a soft voice to tell them they are loved - have an even deeper appreciation for the parents who have welcomed them into not just their homes but into their families.

Of course, there are the 'non traditional' families where the 'Mom' in a child's life might actually be 'Grandma' or 'Auntie' or even 'Older Sibling'.  And there are the families where Mom is not just 'Mom' but she's also 'Dad' because 'Dad' isn't there.  On the flip side of that same coin, are the Dads who aren't just 'Dad' because 'Mom' isn't there, either.

And in today's world of ever expanding consciousness, I would be remiss to point out those families with 2 Moms or perhaps 2 Dads where the celebration of 'Mother's Day' isn't simply a time to give a card to the woman who bore you - but rather, it's a time to give a nod to the person/people who love you the way a Mom would do.

I'm so very lucky because I still have my mother.  We've been through a lot.  My father's passing in '93, my marriage that same year, my daughter's birth in '97, my mother's stroke in 2011, and all the other big and little things that have happened in between.  I know I might not have her here with me too much longer - but that's simply how life works.  Which is why, even on the days when I'm feeling a bit stressed out...I consciously think of at least one reason why I'm so thankful to still have her when there are so many others who are not as lucky as I.

So as you consider what I've rambled on about  today - take a few minutes to consider that special person you think of as 'Mom'.  Maybe she IS 'Mom'.  Or maybe it's someone else who filled that 'spot' that only a 'Mom-like soul' could fill in your heart.  It matters not.

Just stop for a minute and think of what you'd say if today was the last day you'd ever see them.  And when you've got that thought anchored firmly in your head  and heart - pick up your phone and reach out to that person.  Tell them you are thankful for them and tell them why.  Because if you don't do it today - and tomorrow - and the next day - and so day there will come the day when you cannot tell them and how say you'd surely feel if you didn't let them know of the love in your heart for them.

We have a little saying in my family, 'If you can't think of something to say to someone (in your family, of course) simply say, "I Love You" and you'll be shocked at how those 3 simple words have the power to move mountains.

And now if you'll please excuse's time for me to climb into bed and get a good night's sleep - I think I may have overheard someone saying they were gong to fix me breakfast in bed tomorrow.  Ah, yes, to be pampered as an expression of honest, sincere love.

Now that's what I call a very 'Happy Mother's Day'!

And that's all I've got for now.  Til next time!