Friday, May 31, 2013

A LUCKY tale...

Todd first spotted the little guy (or girl - who knows - but we'll call him a little guy!) after Junior, the cat, spotted him and honestly didn't know what to make of the fella!  After all, it's not a lot of fun to 'hunt' a bird that's not trying to get away.  So he shooed Junior away and said, "Hey Laura - Jessica, come see this"

So we did. 

And we didn't bother him.  We even left him a little water (I knew he wouldn't drink it) and then went on with our day. 

 We saw Star Trek Into Darkness - it was good.  And we didn't worry about the little fella - well, not too much.  But the first thing we did when we got home later that evening was check on him.  And that's when I decided it was time to feed the little guy.

A couple of days passed where we cared for the little fella we named 'Lucky' because, let's face it - he might not have made it as far as he did without our intervention...

Jessica was a great help getting little Lucky to eat.  He was tired from spending a long day contemplating the fact that his real mom couldn't help him.  Must be tough feeling so alone!

I'd been stressed out of my mind all week.  I'd been dealing with an absolute Bee-atch at Jessica's school who's purpose, I feel, was to try to ruin the joy of someone who has great joy in their life - MINE!  She'd done it already before once this year with another parent.  A parent pushed so far to the edge - she had to quit the theatre booster program altogether lest she go off the deep end.  And I didn't blame her one bit especially not after the way I'd been verbally and mentally abused over the past few months.  The past couple of weeks were Hell, because no one, except for the people who really love me, believed that I was being treated so badly.  In fact, I swear, they think I was making it all up! (But that's a rant - and this IS NOT a enough of that!)  

But at least, when I came home I had someone who REALLY needed my help.  Sure Jessica always needs 'Mom' but Lucky had no 'Mom' she was gone.  We were all he had.  So we kept on caring for him, fostering him, and trying like the dickens to get the fella to use those wings of his so he could fly away - to a new life.  A life where he could be with other birds and sing and eat worms and do all those wonderfully 'lucky' things he was destined to do.

So, I cherished my minutes with him. Whether it was sitting with him close to my chest out in the back yard feeding him sugar water or banana puree or just plain ol' water!  And at night, before we put him in a carrier in the garage so he'd stay warm and safe, I got to feed him one last time.  And always, Jessica was there with me to 'tuck him in' to his little shoe (that was my old 'mow the lawn' shoe - but no's been too 'birdized!')

And then it was time for bed.  We even kept a very low level light on so it wouldn't be so very dark for him since there's no moonlight in the garage.

Then, yesterday, May 30.  I took Lucky out to the backyard like I'd done for the past 3 days and I opened up his little carrier.  Gave him a few little sips of water with the eyedropper and I said, "Okay, Lucky, what's it gonna be?"

He glanced at me and then, without a chirp or a flutter or an 'anything' -- he spread his wings and flew away!  

Zoom!  Right into the green trees and that was the last I saw of him.  

I went out a couple of times during the day to see if he was there.  I didn't see him.  But I think Lucky is still around.  Watching over the family who fostered him.  Who knows maybe next year there will be another nest nearby and it'll be a 'Lucky' nest -  if he's a girl that is!  Or maybe he'll just come sit on the fence to check to see how things are going. 

That's when I decided there was no need to be so very stressed out.  Life always has a way of working things out - especially when we're not expecting it to happen.  When that little fella came into my life I thought HE was lucky to find me.  But as it turns out - I was lucky to find him.  

Fly on, Lucky.  Fly strong!  And know that you're always welcomed to perch here on our fence.

And as I look forward at my daughter who helped me along with little Lucky, I'm so lucky to have her as she gets ready to fly out into the world.  I've only got a couple more years with her here in this nest.  But no matter where her next nest is...she'll always be welcomed to come and perch on our fence and sing us her beautiful songs.  

In a couple of weeks Jessica will be 16.  
Where has the time gone?  
How did I get so lucky to have such a beautiful bird in my life?