Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Month - Geez!

Greetings Kind Reader!  Oh my - this will have to be short, sweet, and to the point!  Why?  Because I've been so busy with my other writing that I find, once again, that I've shirked my When a Southern Woman Ramble duties for a whole month.  My last post was on March 30 - for Easter.  And now it's April 30 and Lord, help me I will get this post online before May arrives.

By the clock on my little laptop I have about 35 minutes left before the midnight hour comes along and I won't have ANYTHING listed for April 2013 in my blog archive.  And that, simply must not happen.  NO.  I will not let it.

Which means, I'll have to rattle off what I've been up to very quickly and hope that my fingers can keep up with my brain.  (This'll be fun - I can only imagine how many times I'll have to hit the backspace button!)  UGH - in the time it took me to write this one paragraph, I think I hit the button about 50 times.  My desire to not make HUGE mistakes with my writing, even though it's rambling, could prove to be my downfall.  But I cannot think of that now.  No.  Focus, focus!

Let's see.  This past month.  I entered a contest with my book 'Fly Home, Earli Byrd' and got 2nd place.
Which is pretty cool because in the end, it came down to 'interest in the genre' in that the winning book (which was pretty awesome, I will admit!) was a thrilling mystery and mine was a bona fide 'Chick-lit' book. A year or so I would have said it was anything BUT 'Chick-lit' however, I've decided that's not such a bad moniker because it can emcompass so many things.  This particular story is a Romance/Drama sort of story...definitely 'movie of the week' sort of stuff (Or dare I say - miniseries?  Oooh, I wish!)

And aside from FH,EB I've also been busy compiling some of my favorite ramblings from here on WASWR
and putting them into a series of books entitled 'When a Southern Woman Rambles' (Yes, it was a stretch!) BUT I did expand on the title a bit because one book is subtitled 'Laughing at Life, One Mint Julep at a Time' and the other is 'Tragic Tales of Beauty  Volume 1'.  I've gotten some good comments on them and I'm hoping to get all of my work on the 'for sale' market soon.

I was also approached by a publisher about taking my Kissing 101: A Guidebook for Men book and putting it into a bound version.  I'm still on the fence about that because I'd have to pay an up front fee to set up the printing.  It's not like I'd be paying thousands of dollars but hey, a dollar is a dollar is a dollar, if you know what I mean!  But it was pretty exciting to have someone come TO me and say, "We enjoyed your book and think it would do well as a bound book."  After all, there are literally thousands of books on the site where my K101 book is, and mine was singled out as being a very well written satirical humor book with a nifty 'Southern' slant.  So kudos to me!

Oh, and I shouldn't forget to point out that I've been super busy editing the work of other authors.  I'll tell you one thing, I sure have learned a lot about my OWN writing by going over the work of others.  And honestly, I'm glad that something which has always been a hobby of mine (writing and editing) is now proving to make me a wee bit of money.  (When I say wee I mean a very tiny wee bit - but we all have to start somewhere.  Who knows?  One day, I could have a huge writing/editing/publishing empire and there could be some chatty blogthur/standard author who will be saying 'Cool! I was asked to put my book in print. by L. Avery Brown over at Brown House Print Works.  (Yes, I've even got a nifty name for my empire - you certainly can't fault me for dreaming too small!)

So, as you can see, I've been quite busy.  But no matter what - I still love my dear WASWR.  And I really do try to find time to post something - but I get so wrapped up in other things that I put it aside until so late in the day that it's TOO late in the day.

Not today -- errr, not tonight.  No.  Tonight come floods or winds - I'm going to have this post online
BEFORE May 1st rears it's adorable May Day head.  But, time is ticking away quickly so I suppose I should wrap this up ASAP.  (Hmmm, I wonder if I'll be able to put at least ONE little picture in this post?  Guess I won't know until I press the 'publish' button!)

Coming up in May - my birthday!  Yep - I'll be 43.  I'm actually looking forward to it!

And that's all I've got.  Til next time!