Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Who is this 'They' that keeps trying to make me feel old?

(This post is about Thanksgiving, just have to get through the rambling to get there!)

Greetings Kind Reader,

     Good grief has it really been over two weeks since I was last here?  (A quick glance at my little laptop calendar tells me it is so--*sigh*)  Honest to gravy, I don't know how it can be possible but I think I live in some weird spot that is outside of the normal time/space parameters because when I stop to try and figure out just where the past two weeks have gone and exactly what it was that I was doing over that fort night...I feel like it was just a couple of yesterdays ago when I was last writing a little something here for you all to read.

     I know, I know...They say the older you get the faster time seems to pass.  Of course, I'm not really sure who this mysterious They is...but apparently They know things that we, the 'un'-they folks don't.  And even though I try to tell myself that They aren't the boss of me and that I don't want to listen to the crazy things these shady people called They say sometimes it's hard not to especially when I try to do something crazy like eat deep fried food and then go merrily on my way.   I cannot do that now.

     Nope.  And quite frankly it shocks me that I can't because I'm a born and bred Southern woman who grew up on fried food!  No joke.  When I was a kid a meal wasn't a meal unless it had some sort of meat, 2 veggies, at least one starch (but usually 2 in the form of biscuits and either rice or potatoes).  And something in that mixture was always fried.  It was just the way we did things back then.  Granted, we do know a lot more about heart disease today than we did 20 or 30 years ago.

     Back then?  Listen to me!  Geez, Louise...I sound like I'm ready to find a shady spot under a tree at the Happy Acres Rest Home to park myself so moss can start growing on me!

     Jumpin' Jebediah, I'm only 42 and seeing as I don't smoke (never have, never will!) and I don't take drugs aside from vitamins, allergy meds and the pain medicine my doctor prescribes me for fibromyalgia (which is NOT  an OLD person thing either, I've had it for nearly 20 years and was only properly diagnosed about 2 years ago and even with that I've not been miraculously healed by just makes it more bearable).  Oh and even when I do break down and take pain medicine it's only after I've gone through hours (or possibly days) of convincing myself that I really need to take it.

     Yes, it's weird but I have this internal monologue going on wherein I ask myself, 'Do I really need to take it?  What if I take it and then I run out and the pain gets worse?  Maybe I should wait to make sure I don't waste it.  I'll just take a couple of Tylenol and see how I feel later'  UGH!  I don't think I'd make a good drug addict!

   What was I saying?  Oh, that's right, I'm not a smoker, I'm not a druggie, AND (this is where I left off before that weird tangent) I'm not a big time drinker.  Nope.  It's not been a big deal for me.  Heck when I turned 21, I waited well over 2 weeks to order a drink and even then, I wasn't all that excited by it.  Not that I'm a teetotaler or anything.  It's just never been the end all and be all of my existence.  Nor has it been for Todd, which is good because I personally feel that if you need to take drugs or drink alcohol or do both to have a relationship, then it's not much of a relationship!  (I don't want to sound preachy or's just my philosophy--take it or leave it.)

    And every now and again, about once a month (twice if I throw caution to the wind) Todd and I'll go out on what one might call a mini-date to enjoy a nice lunch and talk and I'll have what we both jokingly refer to as a 'Big Girl' drink which is about 3/4 fruit flavored juice, 1/8 ice, and 1/8 alcohol--yeah, that's right...I said alcohol!  Only I typically have just one sweet concoction because they make my cheeks get bright red and I get so thirsty for water whenever I have a drink!

     Where was this all leading?  Oh, yes, that's right...I might be 42 but overall I'm doing well physically and mentally because I've led a fairly healthy life.  Granted, I could eat a little slower (yes, I know I've not been teaching for several years now but when one spends 12 years of one's life on a schedule where you have to eat really's difficult to reprogram that behavior and whenever I get wrapped up in other 'things' I tend to fall back into my fast gobbling ways!) and maybe I could go for a relaxing walk every now and again instead of 'always having a reason for walking'.  But all in all, I think I'm sitting more on the healthy bench than on the 'one leg in the grave' bench!
     Ok, so I can't eat fried foods like I used to...that's fine.  And I sometimes need to wear cute little magnifying readers when I have my contacts on because the print on the box of macaroni is really small.  And every now and again I hear a song on the radio where my daughter says, "I love this new song" and I have to tell her, "Sweetie, that was popular when I was your's a remake."

     So what?  It doesn't mean I'm old.  And I'll be darned if I'm going to let some mysterious group called 'They' tell me that I'm at that point in life where I must accept that I'm not getting younger.  Good Lord They must think We are idiots--after all, I'm fairly certain we all figured that one out by the time we were 10!  (Maybe sooner if you were a quick study!)

     And you know what...I'm fine with who I am because I'm in that 'just getting to the good part' stage of my life.  I'm really looking forward to what life will be like when I make it to that 'good part' because while my life hasn't always been sunshine and lollipops and lemon drops--it's been pretty close to awesome.  I've got a great husband, a terrific daughter, a mom I love to pieces, and siblings who, even though they've been known to try my patience, I do love very much.  And then there's YOU, Kind Reader!  How many people can say they've got YOU to brighten up their days?  That makes you pretty darn special, too!

     Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to turn in.  It's nearly 1AM and technically it's Thanksgiving (if you're not from the USA you can pretend it's Thanksgiving, it's perfectly fine!) and I've got a turkey to cook in a few hours.  I really ought to get to sleep.

     Here's wishing many blessings on you and I hope you have a safe Thanksgiving no matter where you may be!

And that's all I've got...til next time!  
(See, I told you it eventually got around to Thanksgiving!  
Aren't you glad you hung in there to see it through?)