Tuesday, April 1, 2014

For Like the 75th Time!

Hello Kind Reader.

Yes, I know. I've been away for 6 weeks. But I've been busy. Honestly. Really busy. Doing what?

Editing - Yes, I know I've used that excuse before but it's true!

Liaising - Bet you didn't know that was a word did you? What is it? Basically, I've been helping a couple people get their books read by beta readers, creating a list of agents specific to their genre, and writing query letters. If you're not into writing what I just said probably doesn't mean a hill of beans to you but it's part of 'the biz' - HA! That sounds so cheesy when it's put that way. So, let's just say I'm helping them get all their ducks in a pretty row before sending letters out to agents in their quest to get representation. Yes, that's it.

Cover creating - I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!?! Who'd a thunk it? But believe it or not, I actually can draw - especially when I've got a set of defined proportions. I'm not one of those people who you can ask to sketch anything under the sun and BOOM they do it. Nope. I'm not one of them. Rather, I'm one of those people who, if given an exact set of specifications, I can create pretty much anything. I'm pretty darn good with pastoral landscapes and cityscapes. I can also come up with fairly interesting looking people - but I've got a real issue with hands. Oh, how I hate hands.

Writing - I have to throw that one in because it's something I do whenever I get the chance. Only items 1, 2, & 3 above have taken a lot of that time away from me.

However, the one thing that has taken the most time away from me is my book reviews - I've created a whole new, really cool site that I've not been able to launch yet because I've got a few more little kinks to work out. AND I've started doing video reviews, too. You'd think they'd be easy. Read a book, write a review, then read the review. But it's not that easy - especially when you're presenting the review on behalf of another reviewer!

I've done 3 of them now and each one has taken at least 2 hours to film (for various reasons - you'll understand why in a little bit). And then it takes about 4 hours to edit them. Thankfully, I've got some reviewers at The MBR who are now creating their own video reviews which is awesome because it opens up my window a little bit more.

Now, as I said above you'll find out about what I mean when I say 'various reasons' but in order to do so, you have to watch my blooper video. It's of the latest review I presented.

And all these things I've mentioned my dear Kind Readers is why I've been AWOL from WASWR for 6 weeks. Let's hope I don't have to wait another 6 weeks to get back here!

Until next time.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Can Zombies do the Mambo?

Greetings Kind Reader, so glad you could stop by. I've been ├╝ber busy this week helping 2 clients - well, that's such a 'stiff' way to say it - 2 writing pals (one of whom I actually went to high school with!) get their novels 'beta tested' & query ready. But I've been doing some things for myself, too.

But why read about it when you can watch the Vlog! (And yes, it's got something for you ZOMBIE lovers, too!) 

There you have it.  Now get to work on those Zombie Mambos!! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Love the Sound of New Year's Resolutions When...

...they go whoosh right past me, out the window, and the fall in a squishy mess on the ground below. 

Resolution 1 - post more to my personal site. I did pretty well those first few days after the New Year kicked in and then after January 10 I fell back into my habit of saying 'I'll do it later today' which became 'I do it when I hop into bed' which turned into 'I'll do it tomorrow' - Gads what a vicious cycle!

But today I told myself that I would not do anything fun or business-wise (which, tme, is actually fun - so, yeah, apparently I'm just really weird) until I wrote something here at WASWR. And that's why I'm here rambling. Although, for me, rambling isn't really all that odd after all the word 'Ramble' is in the blog title. Only I feel like sometimes, especially over the past year or so, when I come here it's just not them same.

There was a time when I'd tell long, convoluted stories and I don't see myself doing that. So I pondered why that was and for a short while I actually thought 'maybe I've run out of stories' but then I thought about it again and I realized that was just me being ridiculous. After all, I'm one of those people who cannot turn off their minds and simply 'go to sleep'.

It's not unusual for me to go to be in bed and get started on something and then realize that it's 1AM! About 7 years ago, I was the exact opposite - that was around the time I retired from teaching because it was weighing me down - while, conversely, I was actually losing weight because I was always so stressed. Seriously, I dropped down to a point where I was actually underweight, exhausted, and feeling frazzled 24-7. That's not much fun. Sleep was a great escape for me - but not a healthy one, that's for sure. When night would come I simply couldn't wait to climb into bed and sleep. And that, too, is not healthy! So, as the story goes, it was time for a major career change or go off the deep end. I opted for career change - and thus jumped into writing and the rest - well, that's history (says the former history teacher).

Now, I'm doing something I utterly love - writing. And I'm working to help other Indie Authors from having their manuscript on their desks to having a completed, beta tested, super edited book with a snazzy cover on the desk of literary agents as a literary liaison. I suppose you could say I'm the middle person for IA's who have a book and either don't know what to do or might not have the time to do what needs to get done.

Believe it or not - it's sort of thrilling to see a book  - someone else's story - that is 'good' become 'great' and know that if I work really hard, I very well could be the person that gets that hard working IA's book onto the desk of an agent. They're not really 'my' books, per se (as I do write my own), but they become important to me - so they're like mine!

Oh, dear, I've rambled on again and haven't mentioned Resolution 2 (Which I think I made - yeah, I'm pretty
sure I made it. I might need to go back and check!). Resolution 2 was to get my Virtual Book Tour site off the ground. But I seem to remember saying I wouldn't do that until all my ducks were in a row so that when I said 'Flying Bookworm Tours is open for business' nothing would have been left to chance.

Well, all my ducks are in the pond, so to say, but they're not lined up. And I refuse - absolutely refuse to do anything half-assed! (After all try to  imagine how difficult it must be to function when you're half-assed. Not only does it make sitting difficult but it puts way too much stress and pressure on the side of one's ass that is left there to fend for itself!)

So, technically, I've not yet flopped on that resolution! It's stewing - waiting until everything is just right. It will happen. Just not today!

And I'm pretty sure I had a 3rd resolution in the mix about getting my book, Fly Home, Earli Byrd, professionally edited and queried out to agents. That, I am proud to say, is well under way. I'm currently
working on one final read through before I hand it over to an editor. But I'm going to send it out for Beta Reading before that to see what they have to say because it's not 'riddled' with errors - and I want to know if they can feel that connection like I did when I wrote it!

So 1 resolution flop, 1 resolution in a holding pattern, and 1 resolution still going strong. That's not too bad, is it?

Oh, my, I've rambled on and on and not really said anything other than I've got great time management skills when it comes to working on things for OTHERS - for myself, not so much. And that I probably need to get a wee bit more sleep!

And with that in mind, if you'll please excuse me - I think there's a pillow with my name on it calling me to slumber!

That's all I've got...til next time (and I'll try to make next time a little sooner!)